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BYO66 - 090

BYO66 - 090

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Electronics Options
Blade Length

Saber Length: 12.4 inches

Saber Color: N/A

Electronic Options: Xeno3 Pixel

Blade Length (1"): 28", 30", 32", 34", or 36" (standard)

*This saber is the manufacturer's interpretation of Starkiller.

Xeno3 Pixel Specs

  • Aluminum Alloy 6063
  • 50 Watts Neopixel Strip
  • Removable polycarbonate blade designed for dueling with LED strip lighting
  • 5 watts speaker with 4 ohm
  • Removable protected lithium ion battery 3600 mah 18650 3.7V
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Blade can change to any color on the spectrum as well as multicolor capabilities allowing to show multiple colors at once
  • Removable bullet tip blade
  • Motion control abilities
  • 34 pre-set sound fonts (The Count, Bounty, Redeemed, The Senate, The Learner, The Second, The Teacher, Whispers of Power, Moonfield, The Butcher, Wraith, Codex of Light, Cyber Terror, Dark Ages, Hatred, Idle, Serenity, The Champion, The Dark Lord Revisited, & all Xeno3 RGB sound fonts with the exception of Double Agent)
  • Custom blade effects (pulse, steady, unstable, candy blade, rainbow blade, and more)
  • Various other unique features (blasters, lock-up, flash on clash, smooth swing, sleep mode, one button configuration, volume adjustment, audio cue for hilt commands, tip drag, force, music, & configurable settings and effects with a microSD chip)

BYO Saber Features and Information

  • All BYO Sabers have a 1 year warranty on hilts and blades separately
  • All BYO Sabers can support heavy dueling (with the exception of the Dark Saber)
  • All BYO Sabers can support 1" OD blade and/or a 7/8" blade  (using an adapter if needed)
  • Most BYO Sabers can use couplers to connect into double sabers
  • Most BYO Sabers charge via USB-C 
  • Most BYO Sabers and parts are compatible with all VHC systems
  • All BYO Saber purchases come with the respective polycarbonate blade for dueling
  • All BYO Xeno3 Pixel Saber purchases come with a complimentary USB drive for microSD customization
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